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What is a Feng Shui Consulting about?
We live in an era of remarkable opportunities and challenges. As successful individuals, we know that with determination and perseverance, we all can achieve our goals.
But most successful individuals also acknowledge a variance between what we are and what we wish to become:
  • Perhaps our businesses or careers are thriving, but our relationships are deteriorating.
  • Perhaps our relationships are bliss but our financial standing is at risk.
  • Perhaps we have love and we have wealth, but our physical condition is suffering.
As individuals, it's no secret that we ALL have areas in our lives that require help and balance.
To achieve fulfillment in our lives, we need to tap into the positive Qi (energy) in our environment. By tapping into this naturally powerful energy, we are able to:
  • Increase our level of well being
  • Bring harmony to the various aspects of our lives
  • Improve areas in which we are lacking
  • Restore us to the true goals and aims of who we want to be
The Feng Shui in our home or workplace helps us with our endeavors, our goals and direction in life and which ever areas that need balance and attention. Beyond motivation and beyond 'positive thinking', perhaps nature, our living environment, has the ability and energy to help put us back on our feet, realize our goals, and more importantly, restore balance to our lives.
There are three cosmic factors in Chinese Metaphysics:
  • Heaven Luck
  • Earth Luck
  • Man Luck
Feng Shui deals with Earth Luck and governs 33% of our Destiny. Earth Luck refers to the factors represented by our living, natural environment.
The places in which we live and work in play a significant role in shaping our destiny. The quality of your Earth Luck can be vastly improved by the practice of Feng Shui. At Feng Shui Consulting, we focus on providing you with practical Feng Shui solutions that you can readily implement in your existing lives. These solutions are meant to help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life
We conduct our Feng Shui check ups using Classical methods and systems of Feng Shui. This includes San Yuan, San He, and Xuan Kong. Our systems are modeled after intensive research of Feng Shui masters and their teachings and results-oriented techniques.
At Feng Shui Consulting we believe that it is not just a one time service with our customers but follow through system as does your doctor yearly check up and sometimes depending on the severity a weekly check up.does. Fung Shui needs to be check on on a regular bases.
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